My Revamped Webpage

Have a look at my revamped webpage (, done for me by the incomparable Glen Hawksworth of Technology Penguin, who does this sort of thing for a living, so that I can make my wares, and in particular my new novel, The Spaceman, available to you, the general public.

It is awesome. It is based on the print above.

Now, if you have read the synopsis to The Spaceman that I posted recently, you may wonder what Edmond Lavrate’s print (‘Gros Bonnets’) from 19th Century France has to do with the dystopia from 21st Century Australia that I have envisioned in my novel. The primary theme in my novel could be described as entrapment by pandemic, a phenomenon with which we are (doubtless) all too familiar. But there is a secondary theme.

It is power and authority as depicted by the hats those with authority choose to wear. The hat you wear defines your role in society. Without a hat, you have no authority and no role, to wit the goose. Or is it a gander?

And therein lies the rub. You won’t need to be told that gender matters. So, a little problem lurks here, a problem that apparently hasn’t changed over the ages. All those depicted in Lavrate’s incisive print are men.

That would appear to have been the case in French villages in the 19th C, and it is clearly the case in our global village of the 21st C.

Are you intrigued? Are you sold? Then buy my book.