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3 years ago

After posting my last blog, I received a request from a loyal reader who was disappointed I didn't say more about the road trip itself. So, at the risk of seeming to mimic a travelogue, I will try to oblige her.
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3 years ago

OMG. Shall we be issuing passports next? And shall this likely lad be our first prime minister/president? We found him near Jericho, a wide place in the road in Central Queensland. The locals there like to decorate their termite mounds in such fashion. Bush arts are alive and well in this neck of the woods, and here is proof.
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3 years ago

This was Leo.

Last week he died after being an important part of our household for about 12 years, death being an inevitable event for cats, dogs, &etc. And for humans.

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3 years ago

He said: I’m worried about this 5G technology. It sounds very dangerous.
She said: What do you propose to do about it?
He said: I think I’ll do some research on Facebook.
She said: OMG.

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3 years ago

Is Covid-19 on the way back in Australia? An alarming spike in positive cases (and in associated deaths) for the State of Victoria would indicate this.

Are we surprised? We needn’t have been. We should have expected something like this would happen.

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3 years ago

Antarctica. In 2006.

This gorgeous leopard seal was probably making his/her first ever contact with humans when I snapped her/him. Doesn’t he/she look as surprised as all get-out? Like she/he is thinking: ‘Am I dreaming?’ Or perhaps ‘Could this be a nightmare?’

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3 years ago

Narcissism involves a very limited view of life. And sometimes that’s the very reason narcissists take narcissism to their bosoms. They like limits. Life with limits feels safe. Life without limits feels frightening.

It is said that the current President of the United States is a narcissist. That would make him a very limited and frightened man. Limited and limiting. Frightened and frightening.

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3 years ago

Once in a while, there is a diabolic symmetry in the choices we have to make. Sophie Zawistowska, played in the 1980s film by Meryl Streep, faced one such symmetry: which of her two children to sacrifice to Nazi brutality. I know the basics of the story (most of us do), but I have never actually seen the film. I don't think I ever shall. I don't think I could bear to.

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3 years ago

I took this photo in Japan in 2019, when international travel was still a possibility. It was springtime in the northern hemisphere. This is the iconic and much-photographed Megane-bashi, or Spectacles Bridge, in central Nagasaki. It gets its nickname, of course, because of its likeness to a pair of spectacles when considered together with its reflection in the water. My intended focus when I took this snap, was the lovely bridge itself, gracing as it does the old town. But inadvertently, I caught a moment of fun among the young girls enjoying the fine weather and the glorious surrounds.


3 years ago

This is what we, in Australia, appear to have achieved. It’s a graph of the daily number of Covid 19 cases from late January to early May. It’s THE graph. The one we have been urged to flatten. The experts told us the consequences would be dire if we didn’t flatten it.

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