Art That Should Never Be Lost

It might be said that film was born late in the 19th century, especially courtesy of the illustrious Lumiere brothers. Since then, many fine examples of its application have emerged, to the extent that film at its best is often regarded these days as an art form. Who would argue this point, given such wonderful films as (to name a few) City Lights, Duck Soup, The Third Man, Rashomon, The Manchurian Candidate, — all the way through to masterpieces of our present times such as Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and Poor Things.

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On 31 Oct 2023, my deceased partner, Janet, was cremated in Hakodate, Japan. She had died an unexpected and accidental death three days earlier. My son, John, was with me. I cannot properly describe my feelings at the time, except perhaps to say they were blackest black. I was grief-stricken to an extreme degree not capable of explanation to anyone who has not actually experienced it themself. I was barely functional. As I described in my last blog (entitled ‘Dealing with Extreme Grief’) I was not anchored in the real world.

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Dealing with Extreme Grief

Grief is something with which we all, except for a lucky few, will have to deal sooner or later. Extreme grief, such as I have recently experienced, will come to an unlucky few of us. My recent experience of extreme grief resulted from the accidental and unexpected death of my partner of 32+ years. This, I believe, is about as extreme as grief can get. Perhaps some of the people in Gaza right now are experiencing worse.

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