Book Launch – The Spaceman

Australia is a big country. But, if you are in the vicinity of Yeppoon Queensland at 10 a.m. on Saturday 14 May, you should drop in to my book launch at the Yeppoon Library. My book, you will know by now, is The Spaceman.

The library itself is quaint and user friendly. The wry aphorism (above), attributed to the inimitable Groucho Marx, is on prominent display outside. I just wish the language could have been more gender inclusive but this, of course, was the 1940s or thereabouts.

You may think you know quite a bit about my book by now. So, you ask, why should you attend?

Here’s why. I promise I’ll tell you things about The Spaceman you didn’t know already. Besides, there is no substitute for being able to ask questions of me, the author, and to buy a signed copy of my book at a discount price.

The place is Yeppoon Library at 84 John Street. The time is 10 a.m. Come and meet humankind’s second best friend.