Accordion to Trump

Recognize this guy? Is he familiar? I’ll give you a clue. He has a habit of waving his tiny hands back and forth horizontally while he spews his trademark bile from his tiny mouth. So some clever person decided to mock up a video in which an accordion (FAKE NEWS!) is inserted between his paws. Look it up for yourself on YouTube. It’s grimly hilarious. Gallows humour.

Here in Australia, we can’t believe the shenanigans we see coming out of the USA on a daily basis. Appalled, most of us laugh and hope/pray for the sake of the world the aberration will pass. Some of us, like my partner Janet, born in Oakland California, worry themselves sick, and can’t drag themselves away from CNN, FOX, Al Jazzera, RT, NHK, and any other foreign channel offering commentary on the issue. It is like an addiction for her. B’Jesus, it is an addiction.

Every now and again, she stirs from her quasi drug-induced coma on the couch, and mutters (pathetically) something like, ‘He’s going to win, he’s going to win,’ while chewing her fingernails down to the elbows. I, born in Sydney Australia, have to reassure her that not all the 60% plus of the 150 million plus registered voters in the USA that actually cast a vote are going to be fooled by this dangerous clown. Surely there is some intelligent life on the other side of the Pacific.

3rd November 2020 can’t come soon enough for me, so I can have my Janet back. Of course, there’s no certainty/likelihood the circus will end on Nov 3. Why should the circus stop just because the accordionist has been told to quit the stage? There’s more than a chance his unwelcome performance will continue until Inauguration Day in January 2021, or even beyond.

One day, it will all stop. And then, hallelujah, Janet shall have to go cold turkey.