A Beautiful Accident

Sometimes beauty happens by accident.

Now in order for such an accident to happen, there has to be some incipient beauty on which the accident can work its magic. Remember the adage about silk ears and sows’ purses. The incipient beauty in this case takes two forms. They are the beautiful subject – my beloved life partner, Janet – and the beautiful setting – the bank of the Eure River in Chartres, France.

It is some time since I took this snap. In its original form it was an analogue print taken with Kodak film. Or was it Agfa film? These two brand names have been buried so long and deep in the turf of irrelevancy their bones are now fossils awaiting discovery by some future palaeontologist.

I am a very ordinary photographer at best. I might take hundreds of photos before one that is half-way good turns up. Like the above. A very special accident. The scanning and digitizing process seems somehow to have enhanced its beauty, lending it a hazy impressionist charm. Even the plastic carry-bag does not jar.

It is now an object of accidental beauty. Somehow I created it.

Another of my creations – my literary effort, Where Pademelons Play – is less accidental. Five years of deliberation went into the design of its plot and characters. But I hope it has turned out to be as beautiful in its own way as the photo above.

Be the judge. Buy my book.